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City buildings next to a lake, a pathway, and palm trees
A globe structure that says "Universal" on a circular balcony next to a lake
An aerial shot of a city beside a body of water
A road leading to a sign that says "Walt Disney World" next to palm trees
Orlando, Florida, United States
A Fun 2 Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary for Families

By Adriane

  • 2 day itinerary
  • Average of 19 stops per day
A bridge over a body of water with buildings in the background and trees on the right
Orlando, Florida, United States
The Ultimate 4 Day Orlando Itinerary

By Lauren Rey

  • 4 day itinerary
  • Average of 6 stops per day
A body of water with a city in the background and clear blue sky
A tranquil lake surrounded by green trees, with a cityscape in the background
People walking near colorful movie-themed buildings under a clear blue sky

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