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City skyline with a partly cloudy sky above and sailboats on water in front
Boats tied to mooring balls near a small town and green trees all around
Cape Cod
A historic street lined with old colorful buildings and tall green leafy trees
A cityscape full of glass and concrete buildings of different heights

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A city skyline with tall buildings and red brick houses under a blue sky with clouds
Aerial shot of a river with a bridge over it in the middle of an urban city
A white and black lighthouse and a small building on a grassy hill
A quaint seaside town with a sandy shore and ocean water in front of it
One of the famous landmarks in Massachusetts is Boston Common, a city park
Tall modern buildings surrounded by roads and greenery under a partly cloudy sky
A city with many buildings and skyscrapers with trees and a street
A white lighthouse with a black top sitting on the shore of a bay
A city skyline with water and boats in front under a clear blue sky
Fun things to do in Worcester, Massachusetts, include seeing Worcester City Hall
A view of a city skyline with a body of water and green trees in front of it
A city skyline with lit-up buildings and a bridge, from across a body of water
Monument in the center of a park surrounded by trees, with skyscrapers behind

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