Sri Lanka

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A waterfall on a grey rocky surface surrounded by green grass and trees
A herd of elephants on green grass under a blue sky
North Central
A bay with palm trees against a white lighthouse
A mountain range covered in green grass under a partly cloudy hazy sky
A skyline with a modern tower and buildings, with water in the middle

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Aerial view of a city skyline, buildings, and a body of water at a distance
A lake surrounded by trees and white houses under a blue sky with clouds
A beach with palm trees, waves coming to shore, and a small rocky island nearby
An ancient circular monument with pillars, steps, carvings, and an idol in the centre
Several railroad tracks with a building on the right and mountains at the back
Gangarama Buddhist Temple, Colombo, Sri Lanka
A green mountain range with a train moving in between the mountains, and a cloudy sky

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