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Looking over rooftops and train tracks towards a city skyline with buildings
Fort Wayne
A city skyline full of tall and short concrete buildings on a partly cloudy day
Looking up at concrete buildings of different heights against blue sky

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A building with a clock tower in the middle, near a tall white skyscraper and trees
A view of a city with skyscrapers and a large building with a domed roof
A river bordered by autumn trees against a city skyline under a partly cloudy sky
A park with a tall obelisk in the middle surrounded by paved pathways and trees
A street next to city buildings, grass, and a tall tower structure
A body of water near tall skyscrapers and buildings on a sunny day
A stone courthouse building with a domed roof under a clear blue sky
A pond in a park with a water fountain in the center and a city skyline behind it
A walkway with shrubbery in the middle leading to a capitol building

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