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A city skyline full of tall skyscrapers, with a snowy mountain peak at the back
A large circular glass building along a riverside lined with yellow and brown trees
A cement path with vegetation on either side, leading to rectangular glass buildings

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A snowcapped mountain surrounded by evergreen trees, reflected into a lake
A lake near a clock tower and red, orange, and green trees during the fall
A Ferris wheel on a pier next to city buildings, trees, and the water
A view over a city with tall buildings next to mountains
An observation tower next to other skyscrapers and a blue sky
Aerial shot of buildings and skyscrapers beside a body of water
A calm body of water with rocky and snowy mountains in the background on a sunny day
A city with high buildings and trees with a mountain in the background
A skyline with skyscrapers and greenery in front and a mountain in the distance
A city skyline at night with skyscrapers and an observation tower
A city skyline and a Ferris wheel next to a pier and a bay of water on a clear day
A lake with houses and green trees on the shore under a blue sky with clouds

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