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Tall concrete buildings at the back of a manicured green lawn with trees
Baton Rouge
Side view of city buildings in a downtown area against blue sky with white clouds
New Orleans
A city skyline with tall buildings and green trees reflected on a river at twilight

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A city skyline on a sunny day next to a body of water
A city skyline next to smaller buildings under a blue sky with cloud
A skyline of tall buildings overlooking water, under a blue sky with a few clouds
A white cathedral with three spires next to a garden with greenery and a path
A park with greenery next to a castle-style building with three turrets
A view of New Orleans at night with illuminated buildings and skyscrapers
The most haunted places in New Orleans, Louisiana, are worth checking out
A view over a city park with a tall tower next to a river
The New Orleans skyline with skyscrapers and buildings under a blue sky
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
The Best 3-Day New Orleans Itinerary

By Alli Sewell

  • 3 day itinerary
  • Average of 5 stops per day
Historic two storey building arches along the balcony and colorful plants hanging
A garden with hedges and a path, and a statue in front of a tall tower building
A statue surrounded by green grass and trees with a tall building behind it
A city skyline next to a river with a bridge across it on a bright day
Sideview of a downtown area with modern buildings against a partly cloudy sky
You can discover many fun facts about New Orleans, Louisiana
Two colorful streetcars on the road with buildings and palm trees surrounding

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