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Looking out onto clear water around rocks, with a rocky coastline in the background
A green and blue bay with dark corals near its white sandy beach on a sunny day
Blue and turquoise sea with two islets near a beachside town
An aerial view of a waterfall surrounded by trees on a sunny day
Sandy, rocky beach, and a "Shipwreck Beach" sign on a rock, under a partly cloudy sky
A rocky beach with blue water under blue skies with clouds
Mountain with vertical ridges and trees, and a green field at its base on a sunny day

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Blue water with white waves next to a shoreline with trees, a mountain, and buildings
A green mountainous landscape next to clear water under a partly cloudy sky
Clouds looming above a coastal city with buildings along the beach
Relaxing on the beach and hiking are the best free things to do in Oahu, Hawaii
Clear blue ocean with a white sandy beach that has people on it surrounded by cliffs
Green grass with palm trees and blue ocean and sky in the background
Clear blue ocean with lush greenery in the foreground and black rocks surrounding
Don't miss out on any of the must-visit attractions in your 3 day Oahu itinerary
The ocean next to rocks and palm trees under a purple night sky
A body of water next to rocks and a cliff under a partly cloudy sky
Red and pink flowers in front of a beach with hotels in the background on a nice day
A white sandy beach with small waves coming to shore under the rising sun
Aerial view of a city skyline, green mountains, the ocean, and a partly cloudy sky
A beautiful rocky coastline with turquoise water lined with greenery, Maui, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii, United States
A Fun-Filled 5 Day Maui Itinerary

By Amanda Strube

  • 5 day itinerary
  • Average of 5 stops per day
Top view of sandy coastline where green mountains meet deep blue ocean waters
Palm trees and lava rocks on the coastline in the morning
Green and brown moss washed ashore by foamy waves on a beach at sunset
High-angle view of a reddish mountain and the aqua-colored ocean at its foot

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