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Dried grass in a hilly landscape with a road on the right
Aerial view of tall white tower with spire amidst buildings and trees on a sunny day
Many white boats with tall masts tied up at a harbour on a clear blue day
Chula Vista
Dry desert plain with mountains in the background with almost no vegetation
Death Valley National Park
Looking down at greenery, a two-way road, buildings, and a church with 2 spires
Looking at the side and top views of building roofs with a pink tree on the right
A wooden building with white exterior walls amongst green tall forest trees
Looking out over water towards a city skyline with buildings, trees, and clouds
Long Beach
Street lined by palm trees and other greenery and low buildings under a blue sky
Los Angeles
A grey paved road running through a dry grassy landscape on a clear blue day
An aerial view of a suburban town with a blue lake in the middle and trees around
Moreno Valley
Looking towards rows of grapevines, with a mountain range and clouds at the back
A city skyline with glass buildings reflected in water on a clear blue day
A quiet residential street in a suburb with a barren mountain range at the back
A grey sandy beach with grey houses at the back and rocks on the bottom left
Tall palm trees in front of a golf course with a pond and a mountain range behind
Palm Springs
A path through a forest with large tall redwood trees on either side
Redwood National and State Parks
Aerial view of a town with some buildings and trees around, with hills at the back
A city skyline with buildings along a water body lined with trees, on a blue day
Looking over a lush mountainous valley on a nice day
San Bernardino
View of a city skyline with tall buildings against the blue sky from a park
San Diego
Skyscraper skyline with low buildings at the base on a sunny day with clouds
San Francisco
Medium-height buildings make up a city skyline with a bridge and a park in the front
San Jose
A red brick roof and white church building against blue sky with a tree in front
Santa Barbara
A white tower with a pointed top, behind some water and surrounded by greenery
Santa Clarita
A calm lake surrounded by greenery with a hill and blue sky at the back
Santa Rosa
Massive brown tree trunk in the foreground with green tree foliage in the background
Sequoia National Park
An aerial view of a city with buildings, and a church and cars in the foreground
A landscape view of the sun setting over steep orange cliffs with trees below
Yosemite National Park

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Cars driving along a highway with a cityscape full of buildings and blue sky behind
A coastal city with buildings and trees next to the ocean under a blue sky
An aerial shot of a city of skyscrapers and buildings
Benches by a boardwalk with the city skyline in the background
A city skyline near a body of water on a sunny day
An artificial lake with small boats and a fountain with a city skyline next to it
A view of a forest near snow-covered mountains in the background
A port with many ships near trees in the foreground
Rock formations on a sunny day
Waves crashing against the base of rocky cliffs with a clear sky in the background
There are numerous fun things to do on the Central Coast of California
An aerial view of a city with buildings and greenery next to mountain ranges
Rows of plants like a stairway with a long trellis at the top and trees in the back
Many houses interspersed with palm trees with a view of the ocean and mountains
An aerial shot of a city with buildings next to a road under a blue sky with clouds
A cable car on a busy street with cars, trees, and buildings around
Palm trees next to sand, a fence, and a "Palm Springs" sign
Palm trees on the beach with buildings in the background

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Green grass and trees next to city buildings under a blue sky
A view over a city with buildings and trees under a blue sky
A view over a city with grass, buildings, and greenery-covered hills
Modern city buildings next to a lake and a blue sky with clouds
A large white stone state capitol building with a dome next to a garden
A lighthouse and buildings with palm trees, rocks, and the ocean in front of them
A view over a city with highrise buildings and trees under a blue sky with clouds
A red suspension bridge over a bay with a small beach and cliffs to the side
A city skyline with water in front of it on a clear day
Looking towards a beach against a building and grass-filled cliff on a nice day

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